About Why Imaging

why-imaging is one of Bali’s most respected establishment in commercial photography, serving the industry since 2005. From simple documentation to sophisticated photography layouts and massive events, our team is backed with experienced photographers and their distinctive specialties, led by Yano Sumampow as the founder of the company, to ensure the photography objectives are achieved.

Having produced years of professional shooting has brought why-imaging to establish a significant bond and mutual relation with respective medias of the industry, which benefit our clients for extended exposure.

Why-imaging only utilized proven and well-maintained equipment, starting with 16-megapixels, 21-megapixels and 36-megapixels DSLR cameras, up to 50-megapixels Medium Format to suit your various photography needs. Useful information about our production:

  • Use of cutting-edge professional lenses only
  • Lighting by ProFoto, Visatec and Nikon portable flash
  • Standard file output is TIFF uncompressed format, 16-bit RGB Color Profile. 16-bit profoto is available at additional cost.
  • DSLR maximum size per file is 20MB.
  • Medium Format maximum file size is 40MB.
  • All our editing monitors are regularly calibrated with Spyder4Pro